Taking your store online

We’ve all heard the stories about someone’s uncle or brother-in-law that started an online store and became a millionaire. Well I am not saying it works for everyone, but with a good product and a good idea anyone can put some extra coin in their pocket with an online store.

FPPFsales.com used to be a site just showing the product line available through a local trucking company. An initial phase of the project was making the site search engine friendly. Previously, the site was all images and google had no idea it even existed. After a few months of tweaking to get noticed, it was decided to begin online sales. The site took about 4 weeks to move to sales mode and it began making sales only a few days later. Through the careful planning of the design to attract search engines and users.

This case is proof that search engine success can be as simple as following common sense while building the site and taking tips from the search engines themselves to create fantastic results.