XML Sitemaps and RSS feeds

Ever wonder how you can get search engines to notice you quickly without using their pay per click (PPC) services?
The use of XML sitemaps can often get you on the board, assuming that your site has unique content and is well laid out. The big 3 (google, Live, and Yahoo) all have sitemap submission tools that you can use and follow an industry standard format for doing so.
They all also accept links to RSS feeds from blogs and other sites that are frequently updated.
Your site will still need a solid architecture utilizing web standards as well as useful content to rank well, but the sitemap is a great way to initially get noticed and to tell the search spiders a rough estimate as to the frequency they should be updating your site’s index.
For more information on this and other tricks to get yourself noticed by the spiders, please e-mail alex@alexsoduk.com

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