Monthly Archives: February 2009

Remote Repair Service

We all have busy lives that sometimes don’t even allow us to have the time to have our computers fixed. The newest service offering from AS technical solutions is remote PC repair and remote training. As long as your computer is able to turn on and connect to the internet, our software allows us to perform repairs and preform demonstrations with minimal effort on the user end.

For more information on this service, please call 330-284-7220

Lost Windows Password

Lost or forgot your password? Windows passwords can be reset with the use of special tools with no data loss.

Don’t be embarassed: it happens to everyone. You try to keep your data safe and secure by frequently changing your password, but that one time you completely forgot what you may have changed it to. It is also possible that a child, neighbor, or the kid from down the street that said he could fix your computer changed your password and has you locked out.

For more information on lost password recovery: please call 330-284-7220 or e-mail

Print Sharing

Have multiple computers but no connectivity between them? Wish you could print to your desktop from your laptop in another room? This is a very common problem for many homes that can easily be solved. It can be done with your existing hardware in most cases and only takes about 30 minutes to setup for every computer in your home to use. Adding the ability to share files and even some programs can be done at this time as well.

More advanced options are available including the addition of network attached storage, home theater connectivity, and even connectivity with your favorite gaming system. Even share multiple printers with or without a PC connection!