Monthly Archives: March 2009

Annoying Security Software

Lately I have had the displeasure of working on some clustomer PCs that had been pre-infected from where they were purchased with all sorts of software that was slowing down the machines. I’m not talking about viruses or spyware, but rather the “protection” that PC manufacturers are delivering on computers these days or that is sold with new computers in stores.

By far the worst program that came even on my new netbook has to be McAffee Security Center, followed closely by Norton Antivirus. I used to actually be a fan of NAV, or Norton Antivirus, a few years ago and always bought the latest versions when they came out. McAffee’s product seems to take an eternity to start its services and check for updates. I still have no idea why either one of them needs to take the amount of disk space or system resources that they do. Both of these can easily be removed with special removal software from each manufacturer in only a few minutes.

Next on my list of things that shouldn’t be put on a new PC: SpySweeper, from Webroot. This software has been sold as a must have by all of the big box stores for a number of years. It seems to get more and more bloated by the day. Kill it!

A less common package that has given users fits has been Trend Micro’s Internet Security. It seems to freeze up a lot for me as it is booting. Maybe I am impatient, but there is no reason for a brand new computer to take so long to load antivirus.

All in all I feel almost as if these software packages are written with new PC sales in mind. When a computer becomes to slow to use, people figure that it is outdated and need a new one. To make it better, a new PC is only $299 at _____  this weekend! So you go to the store, pick out that door buster, and end up spending another $200 on cables and security software and maybe even a gaming mouse or printer ink.

On to my recommendation: I’m sure this won’t be my choice forever, but for now go over to and buy their security package. It is priced similarly to the others, but doesn’t slow you down nearly as much and starts and updates without you even noticing.