McAffee Security and Upgrading your Subscription

My last post was similar to this, but I promise this will be less of a rant. I recently was commissioned to upgrade a client’s installation of McAffee. This is the kind of phone call all tech’s hope to get day in and day out because really, what can be so hard about this?

Well on to the hard part. You see, if you go from one version of software to the next things go smoothly. The problem arises when you change product families within the line. This would be like going from antivirus to internet securiy. This issue exists will all security vendors, and it is ultimately for the greater good. When the automated upgrading tool fails miserably, it is usually for only a few reasons:
1. you have a virus keeping it from working
2. your  installer is corrupt
3. the old product still exists on the computer in some way, even after the uninstall process
1 and 2 are for another day, but 3 is what I had to address today and actually a few other times this month. With my recommended ESET Nod32, you just uninstall the old version, or perform a repair. With Norton, Trend Micro, McAffee and a slew of others though: they install themselves with the idea that it needs to be hard for a user to screw up. So the idea was to make it nearly impossible to fully remove the software. It also helps most of the time with product loyalty. In any case, the removal process is most easily completed by finding the vendor’s removal tool. McAffee’s Removal tool; Norton’s Removal Tool

Once you have fully removed the old version, the new one will install effortlessly.

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