Really CHEAP hosting and a free website

The big guys in town hate it, but I am currently offering free websites to small businesses with pre-paid hosting for 6 months. Its apache/sql. You can have 1 database, I don’t care how many domains. No porn, no illegal stuff, no spam. $5/month if you say you saw this post for the first year and $10 after. I will give you 100 free and related twitter followers if ordered before April 30 or if I don’t get the site up within 24 hours. I’m not trying to compete with the big guys or the phonebook. You need a website with your hours, address, and company information. Very minimal time investment is needed on your end. I am selling domains to go with this at $12/yr and e-mail hosting with web access and spam filtering for only $25 to setup.

Go for it. You can’t lose.

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