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Google gives tips to users with hijacked search results

Recently there has been some malware that changes the way that search results show up. If you’ve seen it, you know what I am talking about.

In their guide, google explains how to use a boot cd to scan your PC for infected files. Its a little on the advanced side, but worth a try if you feel like trying to fix it on your own. You will need a working computer to do this though!

Check out what they have to say here

Windows 7 on a netbook

I have an acer aspire one. It is the 9″ model in white. The OS it was shipped with, a variant of XP home, is rather slow. It was actually slow enough that I didn’t like using the netbook. I tried the Ubuntu Netbook Remix and while I liked the speed, there are still too many issues with having a Linux computer. I thought about trying Mint or OSX but could never find a good guide for either.

Finally I was sick of a slow machine that didn’t do much. I wiped the 160GB hard drive and partitioned it to be useful: 40GB for XP Pro, 45GB for Windows 7, and the remainder to be used for something to be later determined. Installation was a breeze. The hardest part was reading the license key that I had written down a month ago. It found all of my drivers and even asked me if I wanted to connect to my home wireless network.

Immediately it updated some drivers and I assume installed updates. My first move was to disable the “pretty” graphics. I want performance, not beauty. So then I started installing the programs I use and trying the Google Apps that I use on a daily basis. I hate to admit it, but it seems faster than my XP machines: with an ATOM single core processor and 1GB of RAM.

Will it run Photoshop, MS Office 2007, and all of the stuff I use at work? Sure, but on the small screen its not very useful. I may try it with the intention of plugging into a big monitor. We’ll see.

Battery life seems to be slightly improved as well. I guess they really did intend on ‘7’ running on netbooks!

Forza2 Tuner Comp 944turbo

Ran this cool race with a 944 turbo and the following setup. Best time was a 1:32.393 at Sunset Peninsula. At the time of this post: 5th overall!

Lap time proof from the race with a 944 turbo

Lap time proof from the race with a 944 turbo

Google and Gandhi on October 2, 2009

As a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi, Google has featured the face of Gandhi in their logo today. Today is the day that Gandhi would be 140 years old. Gandhi’s birthday is celebrated in India as the holiday “Gandhi Jayanti” and the day around the world is known as the International day of Non Violence. Gandhi was known for his passive resistance and has influenced a great number civil rights leaders including Martin Luther King. Google’s own philosophy of only doing things that will have a positive effect on society. You can read more on Google’s philanthropic efforts at