Windows 7 on a netbook

I have an acer aspire one. It is the 9″ model in white. The OS it was shipped with, a variant of XP home, is rather slow. It was actually slow enough that I didn’t like using the netbook. I tried the Ubuntu Netbook Remix and while I liked the speed, there are still too many issues with having a Linux computer. I thought about trying Mint or OSX but could never find a good guide for either.

Finally I was sick of a slow machine that didn’t do much. I wiped the 160GB hard drive and partitioned it to be useful: 40GB for XP Pro, 45GB for Windows 7, and the remainder to be used for something to be later determined. Installation was a breeze. The hardest part was reading the license key that I had written down a month ago. It found all of my drivers and even asked me if I wanted to connect to my home wireless network.

Immediately it updated some drivers and I assume installed updates. My first move was to disable the “pretty” graphics. I want performance, not beauty. So then I started installing the programs I use and trying the Google Apps that I use on a daily basis. I hate to admit it, but it seems faster than my XP machines: with an ATOM single core processor and 1GB of RAM.

Will it run Photoshop, MS Office 2007, and all of the stuff I use at work? Sure, but on the small screen its not very useful. I may try it with the intention of plugging into a big monitor. We’ll see.

Battery life seems to be slightly improved as well. I guess they really did intend on ‘7’ running on netbooks!