Where to start with SEO

After a long talk today with my superiors at work regarding a new service to help business owners get on the right track with their online presence, I have decided to give a few tips right now that anyone can do for any site.

1. Get a domain name. Your website shouldn’t be something like http://imakewidgetsforthat.wordpress.com or http://myunclemademedothisfor10bucks.blogspot.com. Get a real domain name with either your company name or something having to do with products you manufacture or sell. .com and .net are more ideal than other domain names, but you may actually have a reason for a .tv or .org or even .info.

2. Figure out what should be on your site. Product and service descriptions along with your phone number are the basics. Do you want it to do more? Would videos help your product?

3. Start on the right foot. It isn’t 1995 and your site shouldn’t look like it. Your site should have all of the basic code optimization from the start. This means having unique page titles, using META tags, and having friendly sounding file names. Your links should all work. You should have a defined sitemap. There are software packages out there to make this happen, but you may need to make sure that your “web guy” incorporates these features while using clean code.

4. Get on the major social networks and tell people about your business and about how they can find more information.

5. Make sure that it all makes sense! You won’t sell anything with your site if nobody understands it. Hard to read graphics and an over abundance of text send people running.

These are just some small basic tips. More will come in the future.