Monthly Archives: October 2010


Anyone that has seen my desk knows that I write a lot of notes to myself. Reminders to do everything. Since moving into the house, I have been trying to be better about this though.

The problem: on any given day, I use up to 6 different electronic devices. I might read something on the computer that I would want to read on my Droid later that day. No problem with evernote. Its free for basic service and you can even share your notes with others.

I most recently got to enjoy the screen shot tool. By pressing print screen, a tool pops up where you can get a shot of all or part of the page you are looking at. This is pretty helpful if you’re having a problem or want to document something on your screen accurately.

Free Microsoft Office (online)

Many friends and family have heard me talk about how wonderful the Google system is. The short of the google system is: sign up for Gmail and you have access to nearly every product offered by google. For me, it made sense because of the number of computers I use in different locations. It also means that I can get on any computer in the world and access my documents without having to install anything or find a license key. It works wonderfully for me and many of my friends. I have run into an issue though: sometimes with larger files sent to me, or with files that depend on macros or excel specific commands I end up needing to fire up excel.

Now I have a two part solution. Listen up Uncle Tom!

Microsoft introduced the Skydrive as part of their Live online service. If you already have a Hotmail or e-mail address, you are almost there. Skydrive gives users 25Gb of storage. You can use it for anything, and get to it from anywhere!

Here is where it gets really cool: when you login to your account, you will see a new tab for “Office.” Word, Excel, Powerpoint and One Note are all there for free with 25Gb of space to store all of your files. If you use MS Office 2010, it will sync your files too and check for changes.