Google’s Privacy Policy Changes

There is a lot of talk going on currently about Google’s changes in their privacy agreement. I am like most people and just click the agree button and go on with my day. This one though I ended up reading just because there was so much talk about it in the media.

The jist of the agreement is that your account credentials now work with all google services and they all share the same personal data on you as well as their privacy policy. There are some exceptions due to regulations on financial data, but its only a couple of sites.

People are offended by google using this data to present you with ads targeted at you. I personally see this as being a good thing. If I am looking for something, I want to see what I am looking for. Google allegedly can also learn your tastes so searching for a shirt will send you to Nordstrom and not Old Navy (if you’re like me).

The way I see it, Google is using data collected on you to provide a better and more relevant experience.