Taking the Bing Challenge

I saw a TV commercial about the Bing Challenge and decided to give it a try. I’m a big fan of google, but hey, why not just see what happens in the challenge?

So I went over to http://www.bingiton.com/ (Bing It On) and found out how it works. They have you run 5 searches and on each one they split the screen and show you bing and google results, unbranded. You pick the one you prefer (Works best). I did it a few times and found out I prefer Bing. So now, a co-worker and I are trying Bing for a week.

Being a user of Gmail, and having activated the mail search function of google, I’m already missing that feature. I’m also missing the personalized results from my “circles”.

The quality of the actual search results I am finding to be pretty interesting. Bing seems to excel when I am looking up something I don’t know much about, while Google excels when I am looking for something very specific.

I will report more next week about the challenge.