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Ubuntu 9.04 released

In the past few months I have noticed a number of things about clients’ computers. The first though is what a pain they are to use. Why are there so many menus and folders to go through just to get something small done? It’s windows. Enough MS bashing for now…

Last week the latest edition of Ubuntu was released. Normally, I don’t care. This time though, there were a number of articles about how fast it is. Being a netwbook user these days, it seemed like a good enough reason to try it. My first install was actually done on a virtual machine using VMware ESX server. This was just to see how it was different. It is fast, and more consumer friendly. It also has loads of software to help you make the move from windows. Pretty nice.

So then I decided to try it on my netbook. I went with the actual netbook remix and I have to say that I like it. Everything is easy to get to. I still need to install a flash player as well as VLC and some codecs, but it is blazingly fast. My battery life seems to have improved with it as well. I went with a dual boot setup and it resized my drives in order to work. Pretty nice if you ask me! For most of my netbook needs, it is perfect. The fast book makes the mini-pc even more convenient. So far, all that have seen it seem to really like it. I guess my only complaint is that it doesn’t already have support for many media codecs until you install them.