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Linksys WUSB54Gv4 Blue Screen Fix

I had a PC that had run fine with this wireless adapter (WUSB54G v4)for more than a year. One day though, Windows ran an update and it stopped working. I figured the issue was with the adapter and replaced it with something that I got from newegg on sale for $10. A few months later though, I decided to try the WUSB54G on another computer. This time, an HP D530. It worked fine for months and again one day blue screened. I finally decided to do some reading and found that the problem was in the RAlink drivers. The problem is this file: RT2500USB.INF. It is located in %windows root%system32drivers. The one installed with the linksys download is no good. You need to go over to RAlink’s site and find the RT2500USB driver file for your OS and version. You then need to download that file and extract it with something like winrar and find rt2500usb.sys. Copy that file into the directory mentioned before (overwriting the old file) and you should be in business.

Why linksys would have allowed this to happen without a patch since 2005 is beyond me, but I’m guessing its just to get you to go buy a new Wireless-N adapter.

Remote Repair Service

We all have busy lives that sometimes don’t even allow us to have the time to have our computers fixed. The newest service offering from AS technical solutions is remote PC repair and remote training. As long as your computer is able to turn on and connect to the internet, our software allows us to perform repairs and preform demonstrations with minimal effort on the user end.

For more information on this service, please call 330-284-7220

Print Sharing

Have multiple computers but no connectivity between them? Wish you could print to your desktop from your laptop in another room? This is a very common problem for many homes that can easily be solved. It can be done with your existing hardware in most cases and only takes about 30 minutes to setup for every computer in your home to use. Adding the ability to share files and even some programs can be done at this time as well.

More advanced options are available including the addition of network attached storage, home theater connectivity, and even connectivity with your favorite gaming system. Even share multiple printers with or without a PC connection!

Wireless range extension

Using a properly configured TrendNet wireless access point, your entire home or business can be made accessible without having to plug in. While there are a number of solutions for this, certain applications require the addition of an additional access point. This will allow the user to roam freely throughout a space without being subject to dead spots. Dead spots are normalls caused by:

  1. wire mesh in plaster walls
  2. electromagnetic frequency radiation (EMF)
  3. concrete or steel construction
  4. trying to get through heavy vegetation
  5. improper use of antennas

Sometimes a better antenna isn’t enough to cut the interference a wire must be run into or past a dead spot. In this case, it is easy to add an access point and keep the extended area within your own network. You can even use the same security measures!